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It’s been a great ride so far. I’ve had some wonderful opportunities which include composing, producing, and singing (the lead vocal) on the NBC national network theme song “Must See TV” (for PW&F Music), and using the Prague Symphony Orchestra on my theme for the ABC TV show “Extreme Makeover” (Groove Addicts). I was also recognized by the Media Industry with an International ProMax Gold Medallion Award for my hard hitting News Music (Gari Media Group).

My musical adventure started when I was 11, playing drums and percussion in my Junior High School Orchestra in Cupertino Ca. I was also listening to Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Beach Boys, and Blues guitarists like Jeff Beck. Eventually I asked for a drum set so I could become the neighborhood rocker. A few days later, my Dad came home with a used nylon string guitar he borrowed from a friend. That guitar changed everything.

Over the next few months I learned to play my favorite songs on that guitar. I had a good ear for picking out parts note for note, and excelled at it.

In my freshman year of college at Cal Western in San Diego, I started jamming with other students and eventually we started a band that played local gigs and parties. Over the next few years I continued to play in different bands and grew as a vocalist, guitarist, and entertainer. After graduating college with a degree in Psychology, I knew that music was my path, and I got some gigs as a singer / songwriter. I did that for several years, but realized that I really wanted to play with other musicians, and started my own band that was very successful in Southern California for years.

When the band dissolved, I approached a friend who was a great musician/ entertainer living in LA . I had the possibility of getting some gigs in town and was able to convince him to move in with my wife & me in Encinitas, Ca. We worked 12 hour days, 6 days a week, for 4 months, programming all the music for our show on his computer. We were the first successful duo to have a computer based show in San Diego and were highly successful for several years playing original and cover songs.

Through the exposure we received, I was given the opportunity to sing jingles. I loved being in the studio with so many talented people. As time went on I was offered a chance to write and produce jingles and themes.... and started winning accounts.  In 2004, I formed my own music production company. Some of my work includes:

Extreme Makeover….. Theme for ABC Must See TV….. NBC National Network Theme SongGood Day Live….. Theme for FOX Rebecca’s Garden ….. Theme for NBCOdyssey Channel ….. Network Theme SongPassport To Europe….. Theme for The Travel ChannelGirl Meets Hawaii….. Theme for The Travel Channel Ralph’s ... "First in California" ….. Jingle Smith's / Kroger ….. Jingle

I feel blessed being able to do what I love..... writing music in my studio everyday. It’s crazy..... but I do this on my days off !!!

Life on the Water

I started surfing in Half Moon Bay near Santa Cruz Ca when I was 14. Also that year, I discovered a love of sailing. My Dad had a friend with a 56 foot sailboat we’d sail out under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay.

Since then, I’ve had a life long love of music, the ocean, surfing, and sailing. For 15 years I sailed my own sailboat “Oasis” off the Southern California coast.

I’ve also captained boats in The Bahamas, The British Virgin Islands, The Florida Keys, and The Out Islands of Tahiti.

I've had the opportunity to combine my love of music and affinity for the ocean, composing music for several surf films by Director Steve Soderberg, scoring a documentary on the history of the San Diego Lifeguards, and  producing an internationally distributed instructional video with helpful tips for people interested in chartering sailboats around the world.

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